PLRT (Past Life Regression Therapy)

Below you can find out more information about Past Life Regression Therapy and decide whether it’s something you may benefit from.

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Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind. Life today is so busy and so ‘noisy’ that these memories are usually concealed beneath the noise of everyday thoughts. A PLR session guides you out of the noise and into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where it’s far easier to locate the memories held in your subconscious mind.

Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.
  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) assumes: We have many physical bodies, that we reincarnate into, and We have a spiritual body, that carries into the present life… Emotional and mental residues, and imprints of karmic actions. Emotional residues can be many strong emotions with little reason, based on our present life and conscious understanding. These can range from strong attraction to strong aversion, from a phobia to an instant connection. Mental residues can be fixed thoughts with little reason, based on our present life and conscious understanding. As presenting issues, they are often limiting beliefs or a singular frame of perception that is unhelpful for the client. Karmic causative actions in past lives can have karmic effects in the present life. We may need to get insights into the workings of that cause and effect to apply a balancing or antidote realization, action and intention. Therapy in past lives is to clear the emotional residue, clarify the mental frame and understand the karmic causative actions and intentions. In PLRT we often work with emotion and thought, by breaking the bond that is now out-dated, and based on events in the past that are over. So we clean up those residues, and help the client return clean and clear into the present life. In PLRT we sometimes need to fully grasp and untangle the interweaving threads of karma, though this is often not required to be done explicitly. The outcome is to move forward with more emotional peace, mental clarity and to ground to this to doing better future actions. The PLRT process is like other therapies that regress to a cause and fix it. We regress our clients back to causes in past lives, to help resolve effects on their present day issues. Along the way we gather secondary benefits of a personal experience or expanded spiritual perception, that can overcome fear of death, and end with the client being more fully in the present moment.


Therapeutic Context
PLRT can work alongside other modalities to fully resolve a client’s issues,depending on where the cause of the issue is. Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious; Our clients issues occur in daily life where our conscious mind is at the forefront. Our client realizes there are past causes they are not aware of or can’t be resolved by their conscious mind. They can come for hypnotherapy to deal with their subconscious mind that can store residues of emotions that energize limiting beliefs from the present life. They can continue to their superconscious mind that is aware of their past lives and existence beyond their present life body. They may need detailed exploration of complex karmic issues which goes to the spiritual world between physical incarnations, to meet the spirit guide, soul groups, and soul council. Spirit Releasement Therapy connects with spiritual entities in the other areas of the spiritual world, like earthbound spirits or dark force entities.

Indications & Applications Of PLRT
PLRT sessions may be seen as ‘spiritual’ therapy vs ‘grounded’ practical therapies. Yet PLRT relates directly to ‘non-spiritual’ issues, and as with many therapies, it resolves the past to be more present in the now.
1) Resolve Issues; effecting a client’s present life negatively now. Most clients will have suffering in the moment that compels them to seek a solution. They may not want to spend time and energy on PLRT, but find they need a solution. A compelling motivation of pain of suffering can be beneficial. Past lives are veiled for a reason, but we can lift the veil if we have a good reason, like overcoming limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are inhibiting our spiritual growth. A limiting belief may be ‘I’m not the kind of person that can have a good relationship.’ An emotional block may be a fear of commitment. We can regress to the cause and fix it, just as we would with hypnotherapy. Past life recall may come up invited and intentionally, or arise spontaneously.
2) Spiritual Insight; that reconnects with clients past positive experiences. Clients can set a conscious intention for PLRT out of a ‘strong sense they need PLRT’. They may not have a compelling issue they consciously aware of, yet find their strong sense that it’s a good time for PLRT often proves correct. Some clients simply have a curiosity, which is a vague curiosity they ‘might give it a try’. This is an uncompelling reason, so see if you can discourage them from having a PLRT session, or recommend they do other modalities they do have a stronger sense about. If they insist, you have elicited a stronger sense.

Why Does PLRT Work?
Resolve Therapeutic Issues; Multiple causative events can contribute to a client’s present issue. We can start with the most recent layer, then move deeper. It there is an incomplete response to treatments based on causes from this life, PLRT is another step to get a full resolution. a) Recent Past; We may consciously know a relationship break-up two years ago is effecting our relationships. We can use therapies like NLP or CBT. b) Childhood; We may not consciously know our parents divorce when we were two effects our relationships. Yet with enhanced memory in hypnotherapy, we can regress to the cause, two years after we were born, and fix it. c) Past Life; We may not consciously know that an event in our past life is effecting our relationships. Yet with enhanced memory in past life regression, we can regress to the cause, two years before we were born, and fix it. Past lives may seem distant and mysterious. Yet the first couple of years of this life are also almost as distant and mysterious, and we easily accept that they are highly influential on who we are today. We already see the past as staying with us in the form of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual residues stored in our subconscious mind. We can see these are now outdated, so we are no longer ‘hung up’ on it, and can ‘let go’.
2) Insights Into Karmic Actions; Present life experiences can be seen as a consequence of our past actions. As we get to the final session and resolutions, we will look at karma, to understand past actions and make new balancing actions, or to accept life circumstances. Karma can be complex, so we enlist the help of our spirit guide, higher self or the client’s superconscious wisdom. Clients see past karmic actions were like seeds, that create fruits. They realize ‘how things work’, and their role and responsibility in creating their present life issues. This gives them the ability to respond creatively, with forgiveness, patience, acceptance, courage and other fruits of spiritual realization. We may discover past vows or intentions that made sense then but don’t apply now, but still effect us. Those hurt by relationships vow to not be vulnerable to love, with an emotional ‘protective layer’. Those that starve in a past life vow to never be hungry again, and carry a physical ‘protective layer’. So PLRT looks not just at the action, but at the intentions, and how this impacts on the emotional, mental and karmic imprints they take into the present life. We can work with those old vows and make new vows that are appropriate for present life realities, and resolves the imprints and residues.

PLRT; Origination & Beliefs
Clients and Therapists;  PLRT is a therapy, so it’s originated by therapists with their clients. Thousands of case studies show a high level of consistency across clients with a range of issues and beliefs. Some clients come with a personal or cultural belief in past lives, some will come with a personal or cultural disbelief.
Is Belief Required; in past lives or karma, to give or get PLRT sessions? No. Therapist’s Belief; You just need to be willing to follow the detailed steps and scripts. You can then observe the results for yourself. The PLRT therapist does not need to dictate beliefs to the client, but should be in rapport with themselves and the concepts of PLRT. Client’s Belief; They just need to be open, and come into some rapport with the process during the preparation stage. Both parties beliefs, and understanding, develops with therapeutic experience.
Rapport; Most clients and therapists will come to PLRT already in rapport with the subject. Some clients benefit by increasing rapport by looking into the history, which can offer a form of social proof to help them feel it is an acceptable’ form of treatment. During the interview you just have a short discussion on the history to find out their beliefs. You don’t have to try to convince the client before doing PLRT, they just have to be open with a base level of rapport to explore for themselves.
History; shows past lives occur in belief systems across cultures and time periods. It is integral to Hinduism and Buddhism, from the Autobiography of a Yogi to the Dalai Lama who is in his fourteenth incarnation as a Tibetan spiritual leader. Greco-Roman thought included transmigration of the soul, taught by Pythagoras, Plato and Socrates. Within Christianity, Judaism & Islam are the mystic schools of Gnostics, Kabbalist’s and Sufis, that are often interpreted as including reference to reincarnation.
The West; Surveys in the last decade report a quarter to a third of American and Europe Christians express a belief in reincarnation. The books of Dr Brian Weiss have sold millions of copies. Hundreds of medical professionals have written of past lives. Many people have personal experiences or beliefs in past lives that they don’t make public. As a past life regression therapist, you may be surprised to learn how commonplace past life belief is amongst many different types of people.

Three Levels Of Reality
We don’t have to believe or disbelieve in past lives as being a binary true or false. Another way to look at it is with three levels of reality;
1) Conventional Reality; we have only one life. The impressions people get during PLR are symbolic teaching stories the subconscious mind creates. The therapeutic benefit comes when the client interprets the stories as metaphors that relate to their life. Their belief it is meaningful helps makes the positive change. Metaphoric teaching stories can be effective without a past life element, the same principle applies. Therapy; If our conventional reality has a problem that can’t be resolved by conventional means, we can appeal to a spiritual reality.
2) Spiritual Reality, we have one soul, and many lives. Humans have one soul that reincarnates into many bodies. The illusion is that we are one body, when we are really one soul that experiences many bodies. Our consciousness moves through time, learning over time. The past and past lives affect the present, and this conditioning affects us for good or for bad. Therapy; once we understand the cause of the issue from spiritual reality, we can appeal to ultimate reality to ‘break the bonds of time’ or any other dualistic limitations that keep us bound by the past.
3) Ultimate Reality; Unity over duality, beyond self and other, past and future. All souls are ultimately a fragment of one soul. The illusion is there are many souls, when there is really just one soul or oneness. There is no self and other body, and no self and other soul. The non-dual One or Zero. Our consciousness can move into a dimension beyond time. It no longer has to learn in a time based dimension. It is beyond conditioning and can free us to transcend good and bad, past and future. No Contradiction; Some attempt to analyze, reconcile and find contradiction that ‘disprove’ a level of reality. PLRT does not operate in a binary or dualistic frame of true of false, or in a therapeutic context of right or wrong. You could ‘believe’ in all three seemingly contradictory realities simultaneously, and work within whichever reality is appropriate at the time to get to your client’s therapeutic outcome.

PLRT Program Overview

A program of PLRT sessions is generally one session per week, for three to four weeks. The number of session required depends on the;

  • 1) Readiness and abilities of the client. May enter PLs in the first session.
  • 2) Complexity of the clients issues. May have multiple relevant PLs.
  • 3) Experience level of the therapist.

PLRT can be done in as little as one session, for around 10% of clients. It may take two sessions for 20% of clients. Most clients will take three sessions, around 40% of clients. Some clients will take four sessions, around 20% of clients, and five or more sessions will apply to around 10% of clients.

Below is an outlay of a typical PLRT Program & Sessions Overview

Intial Therapy

Many clients have sessions of related modalities like hypnotherapy, NLP or spiritual healing, with incomplete results or spontaneous PLR.

PLRT Preparation & First Session

Client Interview. Assessment. Pre-talk. FAQs. Then Hypnosis. Age Regression.Access a past life.

Second Session; Recall Past Lives

PLR to causative events in a past life effecting the present life. Get the narrative, with a beginning, middle and end. Go to the end of the past life for a life review with the Spirit Guide. Check for other past lives. Repeat now, or have another ‘session two’.

Third Session; Apply Therapeutic Solution

Identify past life causes and bonds. Break the bonds of time. Reframe causative events. Understand overarching themes. Resolve karmic actions and interactions. Set a new intention and action Connect and integrate the insights to their present life.

Follow Up Session

Optional. A few weeks or months later. This happens automatically if clients continue with the initial therapy, or start a related modality.


Are you fully trained in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy? Yes I am fully trained and accredited in Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakening and Healers 

Will you remember the regression? Yes, you will remember everything as I guide you through the journey. Past Life Regression is not like stage hypnosis – you won’t be doing anything you don’t remember. You will be aware throughout and in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll be answering my questions as I guide you through the journey. All you’ll need to do is relax. Just allow whatever comes into your mind to do so, and I will guide you from there.

What will you encounter during the sessions? Some people discover lives that they have shared with people that they have a close bond with in their present life. Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with. Each life explored is a journey and an adventure.

Am I guaranteed to go back in time? Not everyone is guaranteed to, though it’s fairly rare that someone doesn’t in my experience. Sometimes when an individual has a firm belief that past lives don’t exist then it can create a block which doesn’t allow their mind to surrender to the experience. We tend to find that around 95% of clients do have one or more past life experiences during each regression. All you need is a curiosity about the subject.

Can I choose what past life to remember? No. Your subconscious mind will make that decision for you. You will only remember various past life memories when you are ready to. I believe we have all had many past lives, but it’s your subconscious mind that will choose which ones to visit during your regression.

Is the process safe? Yes, you will be safe throughout the process.

How long does a Past Life Regression session last? The regression itself generally lasts around 45 minutes to one hour, and this is followed with discussion about your experience. I like to talk with you before and after the session, so I would ask for up to 2 hours to be kept aside. In essence, the length of the session will be determined by what unfolds. Every session is unique.

What Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis For Spiritual Awareness & Healing Can Do.

There are so many benefits to having PLRT & HSAH it can help you overcome fears, phobias, anxiety weight and eating issues, emotional, physical and mental blocks and much more


It can help you understand why you have certain fears and phobias and why they affect you in the way they do, we can address these and help you overcome them because in most cases this is some sort of residual energy carried over from a past life.


It can help you come to an understanding of eating disorders why you suffer with them and how to address and overcome them, maybe you have always suffered with issues relating to certain parts of your body this again can be a result of residual energy carried over from a PL


If you suffer from Negativity, Anxiety or depression this can also be a symptom of an unresolved issue from a past life, maybe you was incarcerated, a slave, or in  servitude to a bullying master or part of a religion that set constraints and had high expectations of you

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